Why should you chose Polyphone?

Safe, easy-to-use and secure messenger for your business
Work perfectly
on every popular platrorm
Scalable platform for special requirements
Are you looking for the most convenient and secure corporate messenger?
Need anything
Corporate messenger Polyphone can be deployed on your or our secure server. And if such options are not suitable, then you can host the platform in any cloud.
where safe
We hear our customers and continuously improve the platform: we add new functionality, improve the existing one and do everything so that your experience of using Polyphone is only positive.
We're always
in touch
who you need

Thanks to the integration with Active Directory, everyone who works in your company will be automatically added to the platform. Also, you can invite your clients or subcontractors.
Task manager, e-mail, calendar - tell us what your team needs for productive work, and we will integrate these systems to your personal Polyphone.
what necessary
Chatbots integrated into Polyphone messenger will automate part of the routine work, answer common questions, help new employees adapt more quickly, and just cheer up.
everyday routine
from any device
A messenger in your phone, laptop, or PC? We have the app for every platform you may need. The communication history synchronized between devices.
Worry about sensitive data leaking out of the company, and the correspondence becoming public? We will take care of data encryption and information security.
sensetive data
Let your work be effective with Polyphone
Do not waste resources to organize meetings, to search for the info, person, or file in your
e-mail folder. With Polyphone, it's easy to make a call, create a business chat, or video conference in seconds. The productivity of your team will increase significantly.
Forget about missed calls. Communicate with everyone in any convenient way - in a chat, by voice, or by video. Polyphone gives you the opportunity to always be in touch and call from your usual work number, wherever you are – in the office, at home, or on a business trip.
Save your money, all communications inside Polyphone are free. Call landline and mobile numbers without roaming, even on long trips. With Polyphoe, you minimize communication costs and do not need other apps for video chats.
in touch
Choose Polyphone to be sure of security and data safety
Private messenger
Installed on the customer's server
All data is encrypted by default
Centralized data storage within the customer company, data leak is impossible due to the safe architechture of the app
Scalability and sustainability
Development individually according to the purposes of the customer company
fast and professional technical support according to the regulations and SLA
Conditions and terms of use, features and functions are agreed upon and fixed in the Agreement
The data is stored on the developer's server
Not all messengers guarantee the reliability of encryption
In messengers with weak encryption, it is possible to "leak" the history of correspondence and files to the public
Dependence on the developer company
It is impossible to influence the development
Technical support is provided according to the plans of the service developer, there is no SLA
License restrictions and terms of use may be changed unilaterally at any time. The service is provided on "as is" basis
Stay in touch without any limits-
anywhere and from any device
Active Directory
Don't waste your time on different messengers. You may find everyone on the Polyphone contact list.
Call from your usual company number, wherever you are, even you do not have GSM connection - you'll receive a call.
Don't miss an important event, a group call or a meeting a reminder will come directly to the app.
Corporate software
Receive notifications in Polyphone from the software which already adopted in your company
3d party software
If you plan to adopt new software, we'll make the integration so it vould work perfectly with Polyphone
your application
Re-brand the app according to your corporate style and add only the options you need
Need something special?
We'll add the necessary integrations and custom features to your Polyphone
Polyphone —
safe, user-friendly and secure platform for business communications
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