Eastwind is one of the largest Russian software developers with a successful long history.
Boris Bubnov, CEO
We started developing platforms for telecom operators when a mobile phone cost like Cartier. And now every child has a smartphone.
And we 100% played a significant role in this evolution.

We know the technology trends and clearly understand what will be in demand in the nearest future. We know about the needs of any business and always show what we are strong in.
And we were and remain strong in solving difficult non-standard tasks.

Polyphone was created by us not just as a messenger, but as a platform that can solve any company's tasks. In the digital age, it is very important that software can adapt to the needs of each client individually and solve real problems. All this is possible with Polyphone.

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The company started its growing back in 1997, at the same time with the birth of cellular communications in Russia. And it continues to develop top-level software for different fields of the business all over the world
Since that time, we have implemented many large-scale projects and accumulated huge, invaluable experience and competencies in the field of OSS/BSS product development, Messaging and VAS, data collection and analysis
Today Eastwind is a leading Russian developer of solutions for the global telecom industry. our goal is to make any kind of communication pleasant and convenient
We love what we do and continue to create IT products that make our customers' businesses more efficient and people's lives more comfortable
We are not selling you, we offer a solution for business tasks
Polyphone is a reliable platform for corporate communications from the leading Russian developer Eastwind
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