Polyphone —
business messenger
for teams of any size
Install the secure and easy collaboration tool to work and communicate remotely or in the office
in touch
All co-workers are here!
All business contacts are in the corporate messenger.
Polyphone replaces:
- endless email correspondence;
- chats in personal messengers;
- phone calls and SMS.
Video and audio meetings in two clicks
Don't waste time and money
Free video and audio calls to communicate to colleagues and partners
Add to your calls even those who don't have Polyphone - just dial a number, and everyone is here
Start your video meetings just in two cliks. Add as many participants as you need-there is no limit in number . Talk as much as you need - you define the time of your meetings.
Your meetings have everything you need: chat, share files, show your screen, record the conversations and enjoy your work!
Easy to start
Thanks to the integration with AD, the corporate directory is loaded automatically from the company's server.

The list of contacts is available already at the first launch of the application.

Don't waste time searching for your colleagues in other messengers, they are already in Polyphone.
Pleasant to use
Nothing superfluous and complicated– communicate one-on-one or in group chats with colleagues.

You do not have to understand the intricacies of the settings and the logic of the application.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for every member of your team to work. Every feature is perfectly intuitive.
Calls whenever and wherever you want
Polyphone can be integrated with the company's telephony, which means you will always be in touch
Give up roaming. Call any GSM numbers without extra price, as if you are in the office
Add anyone who is not in Polyphone to audio calls. Even if this person does not have the app.
Get incoming calls to your work number directly in Polyphone
Safe data storage
All information is stored and protected by the customer or on a secure server of our company
Safety and Security
Secure information exchange
Total privacy compliance
Only a customer has the access to the chat history and calls recording, hacking is impossible
Polyphony uses modern TLS data encryption, including voice, text, images, files and videos
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Polyphone —
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